Kindle DX called "poor excuse of an academic tool" in Princeton pilot program

We've never thought the Kindle DX was ideal for serious studying, and it sounds like the students and teachers in Princeton's pilot program agree with us -- after two weeks of use in three classes, the Daily Princetonian reports many are "dissatisfied and uncomfortable" with their e-readers, with one student calling it "a poor excuse of an academic tool." Most of the criticisms center around the Kindle's weak annotation features, which make things like highlighting and margin notes almost impossible to use, but even a simple thing like the lack of true page numbers has caused problems, since allowing students to cite the Kindle's location numbers in their papers is "meaningless for anyone working from analog books." That's all led to word that Princeton won't be bringing the Kindle back to school next year, but we'll see if Amazon -- or anyone else -- can address all these complaints before that decision is made final.

[Thanks, Tom]