Touchscreen HP Pavilion dv3 leaks out, brings dm1 ultraportable and Core i7 dv8 along for the ride

Well, well, what's this? We were just sent what looks like a rough draft of HP's Winter 2009/2010 consumer catalog, and it's got details on three as-yet-announced machines. The most interesting is the Pavilion dv3 with TouchSmart, which has a 13.3-inch touchscreen, but there's also confirmation of that previously-leaked Pavilion dm1 11.6-inch CULV thin-and-light and the monster Pavilion dv8 with an 18.4-inch screen and a new mobile Core i7 processor. That's a pretty strong lineup to back the new Envys, we'd say -- and for whatever reason, we're fascinated by this new trend of sticking touchscreens on regular laptops. We'll see if the dv3's TouchSmart 3.0 build is any more usable or sensible than Lenovo's take on the idea soon enough, we hope -- for now, check out the whole catalog in the gallery.

[Via Engadget Spanish; thanks, Marc]