Apple tablet rumors redux: 10.7-inch display, iPhone OS underneath

At this point, it's difficult to say exactly what we believe. Just a fortnight ago, we heard that the so-called Apple tablet would ship with a 9.6-inch display and a P.A. Semi processor, and now iLounge is hearing from "trusted sources" that something other than that is true. The latest round of maybe-sorta-probably-not-true whispers is that the current prototype of the device boasts a 10.7-inch display and a resolution near 720p. Of course, we've no idea where Apple would source a capacitive touchscreen of that size, but we wouldn't put anything past El Jobso. Moving on, we're told that iPhone OS will be used, signifying that this will be more of an advanced media player / light communication device than a full-on netbook competitor. Finally, we're told that a 3G and non-3G version will be offered, and if Mr. Boss signs off on it, it could be announced as early as January with a June / July ship date. Oh, and it'll come pre-loaded with Unicorn-approved applications and a vial of fairy dust -- huzzah!