Breakfast Topic: I think this combat just might be mortal

Matthew Rossi
M. Rossi|09.29.09

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Breakfast Topic: I think this combat just might be mortal

I'm still running AV.

Before you alert my local mental health professional (I saw him this weekend, actually, he was pretty jazzed about a Wintergrasp string of wins he'd pulled off this week) let me explain: I like AV because I like the total mass chaos potential. Sure, a lot of times we end up with both Horde and Alliance zerging to their objectives and very little PvP, but that's not what I enjoy. What I enjoy is sitting in a tower with a buddy and waiting for the enemy and then seeing them come running in the door, six against two, and doing my level best to Bladestorm their faces off before they manage to cap the bloody thing back. Or going prot and becoming the most annoying man alive, zipping around with Warbringer and popping Shockwave in the middle of a pack before throwing every defensive cooldown I have up to annoy them even more.

I enjoy Flame Shocking a DK from behind just as he's about to take Dun Baldar North back from us. Orcs just look cool shocking people.

I enjoy twenty vs twenty on top of the Frostwolf Relief Hut flag. Everyone just trying to find a target, while I throw Death and Decay on top of the sixteen other AoE spells going off, my video card screaming in protest. Often, I admit it, we end up dead and the enemy takes what we were fighting over. But ah, the satisfaction when they don't! This week I actually got to experience what it is like to stand two against six and hold the tower until it capped, then fight our way out of the burning tower and even finish the melee on the ground. (All I can say is, I love popping Bladestorm in a confined space.)

While I actually miss the sub-80 presence in AV (hey, at least on Stormstrike the leveling players seemed to do things like kill Galv, take towers and defend them, and cast healing spells on me - Shadowburn, the AV's seem pretty unchanged, with Balinda still kind of a "Oh, we should have killed her" target at best) and I admit partly because I could wear full PvE gear and still kill four of them without really paying attention, I'm still having fun pitting myself against my peers. And denying them at every turn. So now I turn to you, dear readers: are you enjoying the new AV?
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