iMac, Mac mini supplies growing thin, refresh expected soon

Rumors of updated iMacs have been flying fast and furious lately, and now it seems like they're getting a bit of credibility -- AppleInsider says retailers, including Apple's own stores, have been told supplies of iMacs and Mac minis are "constrained" and that future orders will go unfulfilled. You heard that right -- the Mac mini, the red-headed stepchild of the Mac line, is now also officially on Refresh Watch. Combined with the rumors of revised and potentially cheaper plastic MacBooks and we're hoping Apple's about to get aggressive with its low-end pricing, but that's probably just wishful thinking.

P.S.- Doesn't that seem like a lot of updates to dish out at once? The savvy rumor connoisseur would be expecting a couple random analysts to mouth off at this point, followed by whispers of an impending event and its cancellation due to "last minute issues." Gene Munster swirls his glass and predicts the MacBook will feature CableCARD slots and function as a DVR. Spring follows winter, winter follows fall.