DoubleSight debuts trio of new Smart USB monitors

Tiny USB monitors may not exactly be a must-have desk accessory for everyone just yet, but those in the market for a bit more screen real estate are fast getting more options to consider, like this new trio of Smart USB monitors from DoubleSight Displays. Available in your choice 7- or 9-inch models, the displays are mostly identical in outward appearance with the notable exception of a detachable webcam on the top-end DS-90UC model, and a higher 1,024 x 600 resolution on the two 9-inch displays, as opposed to a mere 800 x 480 on the lone 7-inch display -- making it a far less attractive choice for all but the most desk space challenged. That choice is made even easier by the fact that the 9-incher costs just $20 more than its smaller counterpart ($140 vs. $120), while the webcam-equipped version will set you back a somewhat heftier $160.