Guildwatch: Have a nice day baddie

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|09.30.09

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Guildwatch: Have a nice day baddie

I live a good part of my life on the Internet -- I work on the Internet, and throughout the years, I've learned to play quite a bit on the Internet. So I realize that once I post something everyone can see, it's not necessarily mine any more -- once I share it with the public at large, I can't really lay much claim to it being mine and mine alone. That said, I understand Ravenmeow's problem above -- Deathlymorg of Endless Fury on Nagrand purportedly stole her tips off of her guild's website and reposted them (without credit, we assume) on his own. Sure, they were on the Internet, and nothing you really post on the Internet, especially in a forum, can ever be locked down again. But I see the complaint, especially when Deathlymorg isn't even the least bit grateful for the information, not to mention that he is pretty condescending to boot.

That drama and much more in this week's Guildwatch (which you really shouldn't go reposting in full on your guild's forums, but hey, can I really stop you?), along with the usual downed and recruiting notices as well. To share something from your guild (or a bit of drama you've noticed elsewhere), send us an email at Read on for more.

  • The Penny Arcade guild Annarchy held their second annual CAW event recently -- I remember seeing the Bears vs. Minefield video last month when it happened, but the official blog has many more pictures and info from the get-together. Hilarious stuff, as a bunch of druids run around and just generally cause chaos across the realm.
  • Rarely does progression thread drama find its way onto the eyes of a blue, but apparently there's an exception in Europe lately on the Darkmoon Faire server. When C O R E started causing problems in the unofficial guild progression thread over there, they started mixing it up with a few other guilds, and eventually things got so bad that they started a "real version" progression thread, conveniently listing themselves as server firsts. Eventually, the server called in EU CM Vaneras, and he actually responds, saying that they're shutting down both threads, and that the server should solve problems on their own. The Dedicated Few also grabs some aggro, and it translates on over to their recruiting thread as well.
  • Phalyrus on Winterhoof took a few PuGs along to a raid lately, and decided to distribute the loot in some, err, "creative" ways. But they're unrepentant, and the flamewar that ensues is definitely worth a read -- their ninja victim even gets into it more than once. One of the Phalyrus guys has a gift for one-liners, too: "Now go along and play in traffic, meanwhile we'll ninja as many items out of naxx as we and our "garbage" leadership want to. Have a nice day baddie!" Classy.
  • Evylis, a blood elf paladin formerly of Kalimdor Cut Throats on Argent Dawn was lucky enough to pick up his 30th Fragment of Val'anyr... and promptly transferred off the server. He knew exactly what he was doing, too: after the transfer, he hung out in trade on an unguilded alt and bragged all about it. His alt's name is Elindine, we're told, so if that name happens to appear in your guild applications, keep on eye on just who your Val'anyr fragments are going to.
  • Soul Hunters on EU Darkspear fell apart recently, but it was worth it -- they provided us with this incredible forum thread full of guild infighting and, well, most of the reasons they probably fell apart in the first place. Apparently Argelix decided to leave the game and passed leadership of the guild to Manathrall, who, instead of taking care of the new guild he got, decided instead to disband it and leave with his friends to DOA. Of course, he also decided to move the guild bank off to "a guild whose ideology I very firmly believe in," which is pretty convenient for him. Good times. Make sure to read that forum thread while you can, because odds are that it might disappear or be locked off their forums after too long.
  • Primal Might was the number 3 guild on Antonidas, and they are now gone after a flurry of /gquits. We hear the raid leader split down for a new guild called Incarnaté and took most of the raiding team with him. Meanwhile, the former GM Sacrates took his Val'anyr shards off the server to another guild, who apparently helped him get the mace together. Sounds like just a good old fashioned meltdown, and their website says as much.
  • Endless Fury on Nagrand has reportedly been stealing all kinds of things from other guilds' websites, from designs to raiding dates and strategies. BloodSworn claims they were victims, and one of their members wrote up a pretty clear guide to what they think was taken from them. Of course EF laughs off the accusations (as you can see above), but that doesn't keep them from saying that yes, they'll take any geared guildies that come along, without any respect at all to the guild that sends them. Being number one on the server gives you license to be a total jerk, right?
  • Finally, here's a cool Ulduar video from Invalid Target on Bladefist. Watch and enjoy.
  • Onslaught of Vashj picked up server first of Anub'arak on their server. Congrats!
  • Harmful of Drenden-A is a brand new guild devoted exclusively to 10-man raiding, and on their second night together ever, they downed Sarth 3D, and then cleared out Trial of the Crusader right after that. Ulduar hard modes and Heroic ToC are where they're headed next.
  • Horatii (Dethecus) is a semi-casual guild who's been around for jus shy of five years. They've recently cleared out ToC 25, moving up to #9 on the progression list for the server. Congrats! They're also recruiting -- a ranged DPS, druid tanks, and some priest or pally heals.
  • Aggro My Own Vegetables of EU Chromaggus did a full clear of ToC10 Normal in their first week of having all bosses in the game. Yoggy's on notice for next time!
  • Virtue, Horde side on Cenarion Circle, has cleared out Ulduar 10 up to Yogg Saron, finishing off the General in just one shot. They also cleared out ToC 10-man. Next up: heroic!
  • The Inquisition (EU Alonsus) dropped Mimiron in Ulduar 10. Over in 25-man Ignis got finished off, along with the Siege of Ulduar. They're also recruiting: if you're interested in joining a casual guild, look them up on the website.
  • Intrigue (Lightninghoof) just got their first guild kill of Auriaya 25 this week. They're also seeking a few more raiders, specifically those who can attend raids Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday in the evenings EST.
  • Judgement of the Fallen over at Haomarush have recently managed to down Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, XT-002 Kologarn and Ignis (though the last one gave them some trouble). The rest of the instance will be down soon.
  • The Alphabetical Order (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) on Nesingwary killed Yogg Saron the other night. They are are strictly a 10-man raiding guild and feel that this is a great accomplishment. And they're right!
  • Team Pain Train is one of the oldest guilds on one of the oldest PVP servers, Stormreaver. They just started raiding together again in Wrath, and have already downed Yogg 25. Sarth 3D is down as well, and they're recruiting some ranged caster DPS for Ulduar and ToC 25.
  • Sharlyntria, the guildmaster of Sorrow on Dreadmaul finally got his hands on Val'Anyr, Hammer of the Ancient Kings, after two weeks of trying. Ulduar is now fully cleared, they say, and it's now Coliseum full time.
  • We Know Stuff and Grog n Tar, Horde guilds on Hellscream that go way back (that's their picture above), joined forces once again to defeat Anub'arak on 10-man Coliseum the first week he was available. They didn't get him down, but they did do VoA 10 and take out Malygos. Grats!
  • Devotion (Bronzebeard-A) has downed Trial of the Crusader 10-man. Heroic mode is next!
  • Raiders of the Night on Anvilmar have been rolling -- they're in ToC right now and have cleared most of Ulduar. Their GM wants to send a big "thank you and good job" to all of the guild's officers and members. Consider it done.
  • Tenacity on Boulderfist went into Ulduar and took down both Flame Leviathan and XT with not too much difficulty, and then finally, after what seemed like a million attempts, took down Kologarn. They even did it with all of their non-healers wearing plate, so they're definitely recruiting all ranged DPS and healers. They're eventually headed to 25-mans, and we wish them luck!
  • Who Pulled of Hakkar downed ToC 10-man normal. Grats!
  • Try Again Later, an Alliance guild on Alleria, finally downed Yogg 10-man after only a few weeks existence. They've also finished off Northrend Beasts and Jaraxxus as well. Way to go!
  • After narrowly missing server first on the normal ToC 10 clear, Risen of Proudmoore picked up server first on the Heroic 10-man clear, as well as the server first Tribute to Insanity. Grats!
  • Tunnel Vision on Blackwing Lair-A won a very close race to the server first 25-man kill of Algalon the Observer.
  • Convenant on Anachronos formed up from another guild just four weeks ago, but they're already 12/14 in Ulduar 10, as well as clearing out ToC 10. Congrats!
  • Order of Elune on Sisters of Elune is a new guild looking to start up 10-man progression. We accept anyone of any level, just hop on by and ask to join!
  • Prodigy on the EU Alonsus realm downed Mimiron 10 in the middle of last month. They're recruiting for all classes to expand up into 25-man raiding. If you're interested in a friendly and fun knowledgeable guild that raids Wednesday to Sunday starting at 8pm server time, see them out on their website.
  • Deterrence on Hyjal is currently seeking active raiders to fill their 25-man raids. They are a guild of friendly mature people who enjoy seeing end-game content and doing anything else the game has to offer. They are currently working on Trial of the Grand Crusader 10-man and Ulduar hard modes. DPS is the primary need, but any exceptional player is welcome to apply.
  • The Dailie Grind on Echo Isle is recruiting -- they're nearly a month old and growing every day. They're casually raiding, splitting up real life and raiding time with equal priority. They're also interested in helping with achievements, leveling, PvP, and just hanging out, so if you're looking for a nice, casual, growing guild, they're just for you.
  • Twinks of the World (Perenolde-A) is now recruiting, you guessed it, twinks who know their classes and are well geared. All classes are welcome, though flag carriers and healers are especially needed.
  • Catalyst on Shu'Halo is recruiting lvl 65+. They're not a raiding guild, they say: they're a guild that raids. Cute. They'll help you level and gear all the way up to ToC, as well as running other raids and heroics daily, so if you want a varied look at how to work your way through the game, they sound like they'll help.
  • Chaotic Neutral, on Nordrassil, is recruiting. They've cleared out Ulduar and are working on ToC, but they're a little short on members, especially for 25-mans, so they're seeking mature players interested in progressing. Specifically, they need rogues, hunters, warriors, warlocks, shaman, shadow priests, and boomkin and other druids. Mages, pallys and DKs are full up. Apply at the website if interested.
  • Deus Ex on Lightninghoof-A is a mature late-night raiding guild looking for more raiders. They're working on Ulduar and ToC 25-mans, with 10-man farming on weekends. Please be serious and ready to put the time commitment in -- if you feel like you can make a contribution, apply on the website. All strong applications are considered, and all raid spots are competitive, though nothing is guaranteed.
  • Valkyrie is recruiting on Cenarion Circle-A -- they have cleared out most of Ulduar's hard modes and 25-man ToC, but they still have spots available for skilled and dedicated raiders who are not excessively obnoxious.
That's it for this week's GW. Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!
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