Navin miniHomer keychain GPS will lead you to your car, won't help find your keys

Still have a bit more room on that keychain ring next to your DAP, photo frame, Atari controller and, um, keys? Then you might want to keep an eye out for Navin's new miniHomer GPS compass, which won't give you actual turn-by-turn directions, but will at least point you towards up to five different locations of your choosing (including your car's spot in the parking lot). To ensure the device keeps on ticking during particularly arduous trips away from your car, the miniHomer is also waterproof to IPX7 standards, and it promises a "low power consumption," although Navin doesn't seem to be making any firm promises about battery life just yet (it's recharged via USB). It also isn't saying anything about a price, but it looks like this one should be out sometime in November.

[Via SlashGear]