WoW Moviewatch: How to paladin XXXV

Michael Gray
M. Gray|10.05.09

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WoW Moviewatch: How to paladin XXXV

Some legends are so strong, they can nearly stand on their own merits. Nearly. The paladin class is one of those legends. It is a powerful class. It is built of holy Light and vast capability. But the class is only a tool. Like any tool, that class must be picked up and wielded with grace and competency in order to reach its full potential. We need a leader; someone must show us the way to true honor. Where can we find such a person?

Shepiwot is such a person. The Master of Paladins -- perhaps the finest ever to grace Azeroth -- has returned to bless us with How to paladin XXXV.

As a special bonus, Shepiwot takes the time to celebrate Brewfest in How to paladin XXXV. Or, at least, to get completely sauced. Other than that, I shall let the video speak for itself. Tremble, mortals.

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