Japanese Nintendo downloads: Bravo for Bunnies

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Japanese Nintendo downloads: Bravo for Bunnies
Okay, so the two WiiWare games this week were actually released last week. Once again, no WiiWare games are out this week, allowing us the luxury of highlighting the content that didn't make it to the site previously. And how could we let a NEVES sequel or a game based on Toei Animation and Sanrio's Sugarbunnies go by without mentioning them? The Sugarbunnies game manages to out-cute Cooking Mama by setting its cooking minigames in a cartoon bunny world.

As for Virtual Console, we're really beginning to tire of the standard 800 point price for arcade games. Bravoman is cool, but New Rally-X? Really? You shouldn't even pay eight bucks for a New Rally-X arcade machine.
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