Motorola Phone Portal enables WiFi PC-to-phone connections, browser-based management

Hey, remember Motorola Phone Tools? That overpriced app that enabled a select few of you to hack into your Moto and do all sorts of nifty things? Yeah, if and only if you were amongst the smattering of individuals lucky enough to get it installed and functioning properly. Now, it seems as if the company is looking produce a similar app with one primary difference: the new iteration is easy to use. Dubbed Moto Phone Portal, the Android program allows users to select WiFi or USB to connect to one's PC, and once the app is fired up, you simply point your machine's web browser to the listed URL in order to manage contacts, media, etc. on the big(ger) screen. Obviously, Motorola has yet to come forward and confess that this beautiful bit of code is actually real, but we're pretty sure Leakdroid's extensive hands-on will have you convinced.

[Via Leakdroid]