Verizon plans to support Google Voice, will launch two 'game-changing' Android devices in coming weeks

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|10.06.09

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Verizon plans to support Google Voice, will launch two 'game-changing' Android devices in coming weeks
Google and Verizon announce partnership, love and new Android handsets to result
We're currently on a press call with Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam and Google CEO Eric Schmidt to discuss their new partnership, and while it's mostly a love-fest between the two with no real announcements, there's been some interesting tidbits. First off, Verizon will be launching two Android products in the coming weeks -- we'd say at least one of them will be the Motorola Sholes, and while the other is still a mystery, Google says it'll be "game-changing." Very intriguing. Second, and perhaps much more interestingly, Verizon's making a big push to be seen as the "open" carrier, and flatly stated that they'll be supporting Google Voice on their network: "Either you have an open device or you don't." That's a big change for Big Red -- just remember that a year ago Google and Verizon were still at each other's throats over 700MHz open-access rules. Now? Rainbows and kittens all around. Lastly, there will be a major app push coming from these two -- Verizon's obviously going to preload Android Market on its devices, and there should be some 10,000 apps available when all is said and done. Not a bad show of support by Verizon, we'd say -- and there was a lot of talk about long-term roadmaps and a "family" of products, so we'd expect much more than just two phones and smiles over the next few months. Things are certainly getting interesting, no?

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