Breakfast Topic: What Tropes does your character embody?

Ok, I'm going to make sort of a pretty geeky confession here: I have been known to read TV Tropes. In fact, I have been known to waste hours that could have been better spent writing (or raiding) reading TV Tropes.

For those of you who do not know what TV Tropes is, I'll explain in short: it's a wiki in which the contributors look for common themes and cliches present in modern pop culture and fiction, document them, and categorize them. Of course, rather than give the Tropes simple names, part of the fun seems to be giving your tropes fanciful and offbeat names. Big Lipped Alligator Moment, anyone? How about Contemplate our Navels?

Seriously though, I refuse to call myself a troper, but I do have fun browsing through the site every so often. You know how a lot of people get their drama fix through Guildwatch? I get my drama fix by looking for edit wars or obvious bias on TV Tropes.

But what does this have to do with WoW, you ask? Well, if you have this big list of tropes, it's only only natural that some of them would be applicable to WoW itself. For example, when Chris Metzen floated the idea of Garona for Thrall's mate a while back, he got a pretty big dose of Die For Our Ship from the Thrall/Jaina shippers. A running joke among many players is that Garrosh and Varian have a bit of Foe Yay going on. Thrall might be said to fit into The Messiah trope (or does he?).

Anyway, this is actually an idea I got from Anna over at Too Many Annas, and I thought it'd be fun to throw it out here. Sure there's a Warcraft page over at the TV Tropes wiki, but I thought I'd see if anyone's seen any Tropes that apply to their characters specifically, or to your daily chores in WoW. For example, I'd say my Death Knight is definitely The Quiet One with a bit of Noble Demon thrown in, while my Druid has a bit of Badass Preacher going on. I'm interested to see what tropes other people can dig up.