Guildwatch: Redemption

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|10.07.09

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Guildwatch: Redemption

Many whelps! Handle it! Oh wait, you did. In the Wake on Zul'jin (as you can see in the video above) was just one of the many guilds to take down Onyxia since she returned to the game in a more powerful form, and while obviously there wasn't much new to this fight, most guilds give it a thumbs up: it was a little old-school raiding taste in a new-school difficulty level. Not that it's too hard (c'mon, it's Onyxia), but it's nice to see the fight pretty faithfully recreated. Makes you wish for more, doesn't it?

Lots more raid downings, and of course the usual drama and recruitment notices in this week's Guildwatch. If you've got a tip for us about your guild or just one you saw on the forums, please send it along to, and please do your best to make it look like the ones below -- if you send us five pages on the entire history of your guild, it probably won't show up here. Read on for more.

  • Harmonium recently transferred back to Bloodscalp -- they left that realm two years ago to be Rebirth on Detheroc, but they came back recently, apparently to cause some drama. They jumped in and got the realm first of Algalon (something they'd already gotten on Detheroc), and then they were pretty classless right after that, crowing in trade chat about how awesome they were and how much other guilds on the realm suck. We have to admit, kind of a jerk move. Of course, as long as a guild is progressing, there will always be people interested in joining, but Harmonium, we hear, hasn't made any new friends on their old realm.
  • Serenity on Fizzcrank is done for, and the breakup thread is a fun read. Unfortunately, all of the breakup happened before the thread was posted, but that doesn't keep the vultures from moving in fast around the kill.
  • Not too much drama here, but apparently the multiple world first guild Vis Maior has broken up -- they say that they're done with raiding after finishing off Heroic ToC, and that even though they were set up to do Icecrown well, they have too many other things to do, from Aion to babies and other real-life reponsibilities. They say they're done as a competitive raiding guild, but they'll still be active in other games. My personal guess is that they'll be back -- even if Icecrown doesn't bring them back, Cataclysm probably will.
  • This guy over on Crushridge got a piece ninja'd from him in a VoA run, which makes him like lots and lots of the drama we hear about every week -- VoA PuGs are so full of ninjas we don't even bother to report them any more. So what makes this different? Instead of just confronting the ninja, Steinbach got it in his head that the guild had to pay, and actually spent almost an hour trying to get the ninja's guildies to kick him out of his guild (which, hilariously, though he plans to ruin their reputation, he doesn't actually name in his forum post). Sure, we feel bad (well, at least bad-ish) for the guy, but seriously PuGing VoA? We'll save you the frustration: just don't bother.
  • A few folks transferred in to Sedition on Korialstrasz to join up, including a guy and his wife and a friend and his friend. Unfortunately, there was a little bit of friction right away when the guild brought an old member rather than the new folks, and so when the friend's friend up and ninja'd part of the guild bank, the guild decided instead to just kick the lot of them. What to do next? Why, post on the forums, of course. Sedition shows up in the thread to try and defend themselves (if you call making sarcastic comments about the accuser's DPS "defending"), but the original transfers are having none of it -- apparently they're back on Cenarius, where they originally transferred from.
  • Liquid Raiders on Quel'thelas may have broken up -- we say may only because we've heard it from this guy, who claims that the GM and a few friends have actually applied to another guild, talking about how much loot they have with them from a guild bank. And to tell the truth, we have no idea where the thread goes after that. Enjoy, and feel free to try and make sense of it if you want.
  • Pwnzone (which is a guild that we've apparently mentioned in this space before) recently changed their name to Adrenaline over on Mannoroth, but their reputation has stuck with them -- apparently things got so bad in their recruitment thread that they had to change the title and abandon the whole thing. We wonder if they've learned their lesson -- at what point do you start to forgive a guild that's ninja'd like crazy in the past? Oh wait -- maybe they're still doing it.
  • Our tipster says that "Everville is at it again," though we don't actually remember the guy the first time. That thread is funny, though -- there's some actual guild name ninja'ing going on.
  • Fidelity over on Silvermoon is only three weeks old, but they've been downing Ulduar 10 bosses, including FL, Razor, Ignis, Kologarn, XT, IC and Auriaya with the last three one-shotted. Hodir's on notice, but they're working through ToC 10, too, and that should be down soon if not already.
  • Aetherial Circle on Drenden has finished off Yogg-25, while the 10-man group is done with Algalon and the full clear of ToC. Normal ToC 25 is done, but hard modes in Ulduar are taking precedence over Heroic ToC. They're recruiting mages, disc priests, resto shammies, and ranged DPS (sans hunters).
  • Ladies of Destiny on Scarlet Crusade-A finished off Algalon for a server first.
  • Wolfpack on Blackwing Lair nabbed their first kill of Yogg-Saron 10-man. Grats! They're also recruiting a few more -- if you want to join a "different" guild whose motto is "We before me," look them up.
  • Unseen, on EU Daggerspine, has finished off Yogg-Saron and is working through Ulduar hard modes while gearing up for 10-man Heroic ToC. They're about to celebrate their fourth year anniversary as well -- they're an international guild that's met in real-life twice now. Sounds like fun, keep up the good work.
  • The Enclave on Aggramar-A cleared out ToC 10-man the other week. They'd been knocked out of comission by a bank ninja a little while ago, but they're now gunning for Yogg-Saron, if they haven't downed him already. They're also recruiting -- if you enjoy progression without all the requirements, look them up in game.
  • "The Noogie Nights" raid team from Alea Iacta Est (Earthen Ring-H) got a little roughed up over the summer, but they're coming back strong -- Freya is dropped, and Mimiron is on notice for next time.
  • Horde Warbringers on EU Dragonmaw took down Yoggy on their first time after him. They did need to take a few attempts and "tell everybody to STFU on Vent," but we'd imagine that's what most guilds have to do sometimes.
  • The casual Horde guild Death Row of Agamaggan became the first 10-man only guild on the server to down Yogg-Saron the other week. They're now working on the hard modes in Ulduar and ToC, and boy, they say, does that raid lockout extension come in handy.
  • OneBadOmen of Kilrogg has downed Mimiron with many attempts, and in the final try, they only had four people still standing. Grats!
  • Quintessence, a newly formed adult raiding guild on Bloodhoof-H, is making some awesome progress in 10 man content. They've dropped every boss in Ulduar, except Yogg and Algalon, as well as performed a full clear of ToC 10. Hard modes are set to go in the future as well. And they're also recruiting to fill up the 25-man groups.
  • Forlorn Legacy (Windrunner-A) has recently downed Anub'arak on 25-man Heroic. Grats! They even sent a video or it didn't happen.
  • Omicron Persei Eight on Winterhoof-H has achieved "One Light in the Darkness" and thus nabbed their Rusted Proto-drakes. Congrats!
  • Baraka of Gorgonnash downed 10-man Yogg-Saron last last month, and finished off Iron Council on hard mode the same night. Woot.
  • Denique on Saurfang finally pulled off killing Algalon 10-man. And it was an exciting one: only one second left on the enrage timer. Grats on that.
  • Havenlight on Malfurion are a casual guild, but that didn't stop them from beating the Northrend Beasts and Jaraxxus. Faction champions are on notice, and will die soon, we're told.
  • The Blueberry Brigade (Uther-A) got the realm third kill, Ally first, of the new Onyxia. They also have cleared out ToC and are working on Yogg. So we're putting Yoggy on notice for them.
  • Havoc, on Onyxia-H, has gotten VoA 10 done no problem, and has cleaned Ulduar up to Hodir. They hit some roadbumps after that, but if you want to jump in and join them, they're recruiting all raiders at this point, especially healers. A shaman, we're told, would also be great.
  • Aggro My Own Vegetables (have we given them a Best Guild Name of the week award yet? If so, they win again this week) of EU Chromaggus managed to down Yogg Saron and clear ToC 10 in the same week. Grats! We'll put Ony on notice for you all, but we bet she's down already.
  • Malice (Scarlet Crusade-H) is recruiting for raidiers for 25-man Ulduar and TOC, looking for adult people who can handle some adult players as well as the fact that they put real-live over raiding times.
  • Tribe is an Alliance guild on Sen'jin that raids with a focus for members in Public Safety (which means Police Officers, Paramedics, Firefighters, Military, etc). They have a pretty strong group already, but they're still looking for more with similar interests.
  • The Final Insurrection from Laughing Skull is recruiting. They're mostly over 18, and have a mature atmosphere while constantly pushing players and their skill and gear to the limits. If you want to help them fill out their player base, they'll be happy to have you -- hit up the website for more information.
  • Nightfall on EU Moonglade is currently progressing through Ulduar hard modes and ToC Heroic, but lately we are missing a lot of people for filling out 25-man raids. They're seeking a warlock, mage, and shadow priest, two hunters, a ret pally and a rogue, and a resto druid and a disc priest. Find out more on their website, and drop an application there if interested.
  • KUPO on Misha-A is recruiting all classes. They are a small, family-friendly guild comprised of dedicated, mature members who have leveled and progressed steadily and casually together through the years while maintaining a realistic balance between game and real life. They are progressing through Ulduar 10 (6/14) and ToC 10 and would like to expand their numbers enough to build a 25-man team. Hit them up on the website or ingame if you feel they're what you're looking for.
  • Blazon, on Antonidas-A, was formed on the principle that WoW should be fun, and they are building a guild that rewards good deeds, engages in friendly conversation, and working on leveling all the way to 80. Drama is 100% counterproductive, so it's out completely, and they're aiming to have paid officers, regular raids, contests, and more members soon. They have both vent and a website, so join up if it sounds like your thing.
  • Blood for Blood of Kael'thas is looking for a few DOS and one more healer for their 25-man raids. They're looking for mature players (don't have to be adults, but fit in well with a mostly adult guild) who are geared for Ulduar 25 at a minimum
  • Orgrimmar Yacht Club on Uther-H is recruiting to start 10-man raiding. All recently dinged 80s on the server are welcome to join up with this casual 10-man guild -- they're going to learn the basics in Naxx before heading up to OS and Ulduar. All classes, roles, and specs are needed -- just be ready to raid on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.
  • Poutine of Tichondrius started up recently as a mostly Canadian guild (hence the name) that's raiding in Ulduar 10 as well as ToC 10. They're casual and enjoy running other things like Heroics and 25-man PuGs. If you want a fairly active and relaxed guild with a 4 tab guild bank and a Vent, hit them up.
  • Mirage of Alleria is looking for a few good raiders! They have cleared Ulduar and ToC normal, and are now working on hard and heroic modes. They are currently recruiting healers of all classes, particularly disc and holy priests, though they'll take any worthy healers.
That's it for this week's GW. Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!
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