Sony VAIO X announced, starts at $1,299

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|10.07.09

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Sony VAIO X announced, starts at $1,299
Sony's just started a laptop-oriented event in NYC, but we just got our hands on what look like unpublished web pages for the new VAIO X and VAIO CW and an updated VAIO L machines. All of 'em now run Windows 7, of course, but the big news is apparent confirmation that the VAIO X will indeed have a 2GHz Atom -- although it's listed at a "2GHz Intel Processor," the 533MHz bus speed also listed pretty much gives it away. And no, you're not getting an Ion in this deal to make up for that starting $1,300 price tag -- it's Intel GMA500 graphics all the way. You're also getting an integrated Verizon 3G card and both the standard and extended batteries, however. Still is that insane? It's probably insane.

We'll keep you updated as the event goes on, stay with us!
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