AT&T CruiseCast service partner says it's 'business as usual' despite 'financial difficulties'

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It only just officially launched in June of this year (after fairly long build-up), but it looks like AT&T's CruiseCast in-car satellite service may not exactly be in the best of shape. As Twice reports, calls to service provider RaySat yesterday resulted in a recorded message saying that the company would no longer be supporting CruiseCast activations "moving forward," and that it wouldn't be fulfilling any more equipment orders any longer either. Curiously, the company is now singing a completely different tune today, saying that while it is "working through financial difficulties," as of right now the service is "up and running, and it's business as usual." For its part, AT&T seems to be remaining mum on the whole matter, but phrases like "financial difficulties" and "business as usual" in the same sentence are rarely a good sign, so we'll be keeping a close eye on this one.

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