Japanese company to sell Swine Flu-resistant suit -- because nobody wants their clothes to get sick

Japan's been particularly hard hit with this H1N1 influenza marching around the globe, so maybe it shouldn't be surprising that one of its companies has come up with an "anti-flu" suit... but it still is. Japanese clothier Haruyama Trading Company has developed and is now selling a men's suit which will supposedly ward off the H1N1 virus -- not the first time we've seen this idea. The suit, which looks exactly like any other, is coated in titanium dioxide (a popular ingredient found in sunscreen and toothpaste) which reacts when exposed to sunlight and kills the virus. Nobody's really checked into whether or not these things actually work, of course, but hey -- that's part of the fun, right? If you live in Japan, you can grab one for somewhere in the neighborhood of $580.

[Via Cnet]