Cornell designer concocts garb that prevents colds, shuns pollution

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Cornell designer concocts garb that prevents colds, shuns pollution
We've seen sensor-laden, iPod-friendly, and electroluminescent garb in years past, but a crafty design student over at Cornell University wasn't satisfied with stopping there. Olivia Ong is hoping to get her career in fashion off to a very safe start, as her functional clothing lines include "a garment that can prevent colds and flu and never needs washing," and if that wasn't fresh enough, she's also conjured up another that "destroys harmful gases and protects the wearer from smog and air pollution." The prototype Glitterati garb was showcased at the school's Design League fashion show, and both articles contained "cotton fabrics coated with nanoparticles" that give them the unique qualities. No word on whether or not we can expect such protective (albeit stylish) threads to hit the strip anytime soon, but considering that "one square yard of nano-treated cotton would run you about $10,000," we doubt us common folk would be selling off assets to take it home anyway.

[Via MedLaunches]
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