Asus Eee Top ET2002 reviewed, thoroughly enjoyed

Joseph L. Flatley
J. Flatley|10.09.09

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Asus Eee Top ET2002 reviewed, thoroughly enjoyed
The kids at Liliputing got their hands on the Asus Eee Top ET2002 all-in-one recently and were cool enough to both put it through its paces and clue us in on their findings. According to the reviewer the device, which sports a 1.6GHz Dual Core Atom 330 processor, a 20-inch / 1600 x 900 pixel display, 2GB of RAM, and a 320GB hard drive, was "impressive... in many ways." It easily handles 1080p playback and video games that would cause "most Intel-Atom based PCs to choke." Aside from the ION graphics, unfortunately, this guy comports itself like a "typical" Atom netbook: unzipping large files takes forever, boot times are slow, and the system sometimes felt overtasked when browsing the web. Then again, when you're spending less than $600 on a machine (Amazon's currently selling 'em for $581) you're going to have to make some compromises. Hit the read link to see for yourself.
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