Brian May thinks Queen: Rock Band 'may happen'

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In a recent interview with the BBC, Queen guitarist Brian May commented on his inclusion in Lego Rock Band, calling his brickification "the ultimate accolade." Shortly thereafter, the conversation got a bit more fascinating. May mentioned that there had been discussion "going on behind the scenes" about the possibility of a Queen: Rock Band akin to the Beatles-dedicated title, which dropped last month. He later added, "yes, we're into it, I think it may happen."

Queen's a great band. A really, really, really great band. However, Beatles: Rock Band was successful because of the immense cultural significance of the band upon which the game was based. We're not sure that Queen possesses enough historical relevance to work quite as well. Also, 10 of their best songs are hitting the Rock Band Music Store at the end of the month, meaning a dedicated title would probably dip into their weirder catalog. What say you, readers? Are you psyched about the prospect of rocking out to "The Invisible Man?"

[Via CVG]
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