Japanese Nintendo downloads: Kirby and Kissy

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Japanese Nintendo downloads: Kirby and Kissy
Despite the continued absence of WiiWare, there's plenty of stuff to download this week if you have a Japanese Wii or DSi. After giving the DS version most of the year to sell, Nintendo has released the original SNES version of Kirby Super Star to the Virtual Console. It's joined by a Namco shooter, Baraduke, and its sequel, in the rare case of an entire series being released to the Virtual Console at once. Baraduke stars Kissy, who, in Namco's weirdly cross-game universe, would go on to marry Dig Dug's Taizo Hori and give birth to Susumu Hori, Mr. Driller.

DSiWare has an especially full lineup this week, with two new cheapo G.G. Series games, one of which is some kind of ninja platformer, and the other a brawler. There's also 200-point tower defense and math training! For a little more cash, there's another Jinguuji Saburo/Jake Hunter mystery, as Arc System Works takes the Telltale path to releasing adventure games.
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