Walt Mossberg leaks the BlackBerry Storm 2

Well, well, looks like Unkie Walt accidentally programmed his calendar to publish a combined preview of the Motorola CLIQ and the BlackBerry Storm 2 a little earlier than everyone else. Nothing particularly insightful on the CLIQ, but Mossy says RIM's latest is a big improvement over the original Storm -- mostly because of the revamped touchscreen, which provides "faster, smoother typing." Yep, that's pretty much what we were expecting. Walt's also high on the inclusion of WiFi and the portrait-mode keyboard, but ain't nothing gonna make that BlackBerry browser any good, and the big guy says the touch interface still feels tacked to the rapidly-aging BlackBerry OS. So Walt -- now that you've confirmed RIM and Verizon's big holiday launch, what can you tell us about pricing and availability? "Likely to appear in November at around $200," you say? Thanks, buddy. You're always so dependable. Video that we took of a broken Storm 2 prototype in May after the break, tons of pics in the gallery