BlackBerry Storm 2 up to something 'this week,' socially promiscuous in November

The New York Times has a lengthy piece on RIM's and Verizon's failed attempt to upset the iPhone's dominance with the BlackBerry Storm launch. Interesting, but not as interesting as this little nugget:

"This week, Verizon and R.I.M. are trying again with a Storm do-over, the Storm 2."

What that means, isn't exactly clear but it would seem to point to an official Storm 2 announcement this week, possibly today. Mike Lazaridis, RIM's co-CEO was also paraphrased as saying that RIM was "about to release" version 5.0 of its BlackBerry software. Meanwhile, RIM's other CEO, Jim Balsillie, boasted of plans to "shake up the market" in November when it opens it private communication network to social network updates and entertainment content from outside sources. A move that could swiftly bring an end to the BlackBerry's "for suits only" reputation, like, totally forever.

[Via Phonescoop]