DS/Wii connectivity in Band Hero detailed

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DS/Wii connectivity in Band Hero detailed
If you're the proud papa (or momma) of your very own Wii and DS, then know that Activision's upcoming Band Hero will have some connectivity between the two devices. IGN got a demo of the new Wii game and informs us of some pretty nifty features, namely the DS Party Play option.

Building on the social aspect of the rhythm game experience, DS Party Play allows one to use an empty DS to set up and edit custom playlists while folks rock out on the TV and can even produce some trivia for those wanting to exercise their brains along with their voices, fingers and -- whatever it is you tap to play drums in these games. Gamers will even be able to adjust the difficulty of songs on the fly, with each notification popping up on the TV so that everyone knows it was you who picked that Evanescence song. What? They need to know so they can congratulate you for choosing such a great song. We're not being sarcastic at all!
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