Enthusiastic shutterbug immortalizes Nikon on his forearm

Since time immemorial, man has used the tattoo to signify rites of passage and status, to look like a bad-ass, and to tell the rest of us what he holds dear -- whether it be the Zune, Storm, or PS3. Now camera buffs are getting in on the action, with a certain Manny Williams becoming so infatuated with his Nikon D3X that he had one inked to his forearm. According to his email to the company, this guy has been a photographer for over twenty-five years, but "since using a Nikon product, I am convinced that I will never use anything else...EVER AGAIN." You know, there are enough naysayers in the gadget biz that whenever we see someone happy it makes us happy. It really does. We just hope the body mod here isn't really another regretful symptom of some sort of manic episode. More Manny after the break.