Geek Squad visa application approved, Best Buy opening stores in UK

We know you're worried about what could happen; we saw that Liam Neeson movie too, the one where the daughter goes abroad and gets kidnapped and only after killing 351 people does he get her back. Taking trips to Europe can be risky, but our Best Buy is old enough and responsible and can take care of itself, so we're okay with it taking a trip to the UK next year... even though we don't know exactly where it'll be landing. It's been talking about going for so long it'd be a shame to say no now. Yes, it'll be packing its blue shirts and yellow name tags so everyone will know what it is, and once it gets there sometime next year we're sure it'll call and tell us which franchise location will be first. So until then just try not to worry -- and maybe sign it up for some self defense classes or something.

[Thanks, Adam]