Steve Ballmer hasn't seen the Courier video, promises Zune integration in next WinMo release

Updated ·1 min read

We just got off stage with Steve Ballmer, where we garnered a blistering 40 minutes of wild conversation with the man, touching on all things Microsoft. Of course, Windows 7 was at the forefront of talking points, be we also got Ballmer chatting up that Courier vid, and the lack of Zune integration on Windows Mobile. For the former he swears he hasn't actually seen it, but that it sounds like it's something someone should make, while for Zune he says Windows Mobile is going to get integration in the next release -- which is a comforting thought, if perhaps a bit late. Of course there's plenty more to what he said, and we'll have an HD version of the whole show up tomorrow so you can sit back and take it all in if you missed the live shindig.

We've uploaded a gallery of photos courtesy of our good friend and podcast producer, Trent Wolbe. Check 'em out!