Engadget Podcast 168 - 10.25.2009: The Engadget Show 002 with Steve Ballmer

For this week's installment of the Engadget Podcast, we present the audio stream from our recent Engadget Show, featuring a one-on-one with Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer! We encourage you to go and check out the actual show if you haven't seen it, but for those of you on the move who can't be looking at a screen, here's the next best thing. Of course, Josh, Paul, and Nilay still tear through the week in news (and what a week!), and as a bonus, you get to hear some tunes from the ever so talented Bit Shifter. So what are you waiting for? Sit back, crank the PMP, and prepare to enter nerd heaven.

Hosts: Joshua Topolsky, Paul Miller, Nilay Patel
Special guest: Steve Ballmer
Produced by: Chad Mumm
Directed by: Michael Slavens
Music by: Bit Shifter

Hear the podcast

00:01:22 - Steve Ballmer hasn't seen the Courier video, promises Zune integration in next WinMo release
00:38:40 - Bit Shifter
00:41:37 - Windows 7 Launches
00:46:45 - Apple's Magic Mouse: one button, multitouch gestures, Bluetooth, four-month battery life
00:47:50 - Unibody MacBook (late 2009) review
00:52:50 - iMac line updated with 16:9 displays, quad-core Core i5 / i7 model
00:52:48 - Barnes & Noble Nook dual-screen reader officially announced... for real
00:59:00 - Spring Design Alex: dual-screen Android-based e-reader (Update: not for Barnes & Noble)
01:00:05 - Motorola Droid

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