GeoMaster makes geography fun - yes, really

The French developers at Visuamobile make exceptionally well-designed apps. They sent me a promo code for GeoMaster [iTunes Link], and I wondered aloud how they would make geography attractive, both visually and as a game. Guess what? GeoMaster is pretty fun. If you know absolutely nothing about geography, then OK, this is like playing a strange guessing game. But I have to say it starts easily enough, so much so that you may be surprised what you DO know.

The game play is simple: countries, states or capitals appear on the screen, and you must point as close to them as possible on a map within a time limit. You can choose from US cities or states, countries by continent, world capitals or French departments. In the case of cities, accuracy earns extra points.

That's really about it, other than some high scores and an excellent amount of finish. This would make a good learning tool, I think, but it's also a fun casual game. Currently going for US$1.99 on the App Store, this is a good buy for parents and geography nerds, or anyone tired of the traditional puzzle games littering the space. Check out the gallery for shots of the game in action.


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