EVE Online's candidates for 4th Council of Stellar Management announced

James Egan
J. Egan|10.31.09

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EVE Online's candidates for 4th Council of Stellar Management announced
The roster of candidates for the 4th Council of Stellar Management (CSM) in EVE Online has been announced. According to CCP Games developer Pétur Jóhannes Óskarsson (aka CCP Xhagen), 60 members of the playerbase submitted applications, with 49 players accepted after CCP's screening process. (Players must hold valid passports to attend the CSM summit in Reykjavik, and those with EULA violations are ineligible to run.) From this pool of 49, there will ultimately be nine elected delegates and five alternates who can step in when needed.

Although Xhagen didn't break down candidate stats by nationality, there is a substantial number of U.S. players running for the 4th CSM as in past elections. This time around there are candidates from Latvia, Serbia, and Barbados as well. The ages of candidates range from 21 to 54, and only one female candidate is in the running this term which Xhagen notes is a decrease from the previous election. (He also indicates that only 3.9% of EVE's subscribers are female.)
The Council Candidates page is up and lists the real name, nationality, personal web page, character name and affiliation, and a brief statement of purpose for each individual running in the upcoming CSM election. Though, as a few observers have pointed out, some candidates have provided little in the way of useful information on their election platforms thus far.

Mynxee from the Life in Low Sec blog writes: "Of the 49, 23 have blank, non-serious, or non-informative campaign statements/tag lines. This leaves 26 who made a reasonable effort to communicate what they are about when filling out their CSM application. Of that 26, however, 18 or so have broken web links or links that don't go to a page with any information about their CSM candidacy or platform."

More info about the candidates and their election platforms can be found in the Jita Park Speakers Corner section of the EVE forums. The election polls will open on November 12th and players will have until November 26th to cast their votes.

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