Guildwatch: No tabard, no loot

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|11.04.09

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Guildwatch: No tabard, no loot
Some stories of drama on the realms aren't directly guild-related, but they're just too good to pass up. The one above is just such a story -- one of our tipsters was just flying around Azeroth one day when a conversation in General caught his eye. One unlucky Time-Lost Proto-drake seeker ran into his very own Griftah, and ended up with 425 less gold and a very "unusual" toy item.

That story and more in this week's Guildwatch, which starts right after the break. If you have downed, recruiting, or drama news for us, feel free to send a tip in to, and you might see it here in the future. Read on for more!

  • Our old friends in Preeminent (second item) are at it again -- this time they've been spotted over on Auchindoun, pulling the same old gig of inflating progression claims to drag in raiders and then taking as much loot as they can. They did the same thing back on Medivh a while back, and people are still rubbed raw about it. You don't fabricate a "hardcore" guild by just pulling in people who are already hardcore. The best and most lasting way to do it is by pulling together a group of raiders who are ready to commit to raiding, and then making your way up the ladder with them. Anybody trying to pull a shortcut is pulling a scam.
  • Second Dawn on the Lothar server is apparently disbanding, a mere few weeks after downing Yogg and days after hard mode XT-002. We hear some of the guild's leadership weren't content with sticking with 10-mans, so they split off to Horde, leaving everyone else standing around waiting for Thursday's raid. And the funny part? Apparently those same folks had also chastised a member on the guild's website... for not showing up to raids.
  • This isn't actually guild drama, but this is probably the kookiest ninja we've ever seen. And the guy just won't stop -- pages later, he's still posting nonsense. At least he seems to be enjoying himself.
  • Idinged on Gnomeregan of Warrior's Pride (we think -- he might not actually be in that guild any more, moving to Noob Combo instead) wins the prize: he's the first person we've heard about who reportedly ninja'd the Onyxia mount. And the news that he supposedly doesn't even have the flying skill just makes it win all the way around. Good show indeed.
  • This is pretty nuts -- the GM of The Prometheans on Firetree apparently posted their guild tabard rules on the forums, and they have some heavy penalties for not wearing a guild tabard of all things. All guildies must wear a guild tabard during all raids, to show guild solidarity, or get this: for each member not showing up "in uniform," there's a 10% chance that they won't loot a downed boss. At all. As in, no one gets the loot. Seriously? Sure, you want your raiders to feel like a team, but does wearing a virtual tabard on a virtual character really do that? Maybe it does, but I'd think that there'd be much more damage done by your guildies realizing you're a nutso raid leader. If I was in that guild, I'd purposely not wear a tabard, just to see what would happen when the RL decided to leave a boss with loot in the instance.
  • Seriously? In this day and age, you still think it's ok to hold a funeral for the death of a player in-game... at the Crossroads? On a PvP server? Of course it didn't go well -- trying to hold peaceful player events in areas where PvP isn't just allowed but common is never a good idea. Our condolences for your loss, but next time, have the funeral in Booty Bay or Orgrimmar.
  • The A Team just wanted to start up a nice 10-man raiding group on Ravenholdt, but of course there's more to the story (why else would it be here, right?). We hear that these guys originally split from an Alliance guild (Renaissance, I believe), and then transferred Horde to join up with one of the endgame raiding guilds over there. Only problem? The Horde guild only let one of them in, leaving the rest to fend for themselves. We appreciate their dilemma -- it's tough getting your own guild up off the ground. But Proteq isn't doing the new guild any favors with that attitude.
  • Finally, yes, the pic above is of a poor guy who piped up in a Trade channel to say that he'd purchased the Unusual Compass for a whopping 425g because the dude who sold it to him claimed it would lead him off to a Time-Lost Proto drake. In reality, all the compass does is point you in a random direction, and it's obtained randomly from the fishing quests. But hey -- you may not be able to fool all of the people all of the time, but you can almost always fool at least one person out of 425g.
  • Ad Nauseam on Draka-A is a casual raiding guild that's one of the oldest and most stable guilds on the server. They combined their 10-man teams a little while back, and dropped all of ToC 10. They're planning to farm that place out and then go back and do some Ulduar as well.
  • Saints of Elune on Eonar has working their way through Ulduar 10 right now. Team 1 is up to Thorim, with Hodir on notice. Team 2 finished off Kologarn so far, and is hungry for more. 25-man content is also on the plate, as they're teaming up with other guilds to check it out. Grats!
  • Moonlight Shadow on Nathrezim-H cleared out Naxx after a little struggling in the beginning, and is now moving on to Ulduar. They're recruiting, too: more tanks, resto/feral druids, holy pallies, and rogues. Visit their webpage or look them up in game to apply.
  • Hyperion on EU Azjol-Nerub-H completed Firefighter on Heroic the other night, and then went and dropped the 25-man version of Algalon, too. Congrats!
  • Machina on Rexxar is a PuG guild, in that they basically just organize a run of PuGs every week rather than running their own raiders only. It seems to be working -- they've got full raids of ToC 10 and 25 running every week and are working on Trial of the Grand Champion right now. Maybe there's room in the game for a set of raid organizations outside of the guild system.
  • ll Mythica ll of Elune finally downed Yogg 10. Hard modes are up next, and ToC 10 is already on farm. Way to go!
  • Herding Cats, on EU Venture Company, started as a four-man guild with three druids and one confused rogue (so he was "herding cats" -- get it?). But they managed to finally complete Ulduar 10 the other day, downing Yogg-Saron with five guildies and five PuGs. Not bad, they say, for a guild that still only has six people with level 80 characters!
  • A Super PuG from Alea Iacta Est on Earthen Ring took down Heroic Anub the other week for a guild first and realm eighth in ToGC. I think it was only their third week in the instance too, which is pretty impressive. Congrats to those nice folks.
  • Pure Vengeance on EU Saurfang-A finally dropped Sarth 3D after many wipes -- the guild chat blew up with achievement spam, they tell us. They even sent video or it didn't happen. Grats!
  • Insurrection (Sentinels-H) had their Red Team pick up first-time kills on Mimiron (which means all four keepers are now downed), Beasts of Northrend and Lord Jaraxxus last week. General Vezax and the Alliance Champions are the next targets.
  • Ãdrenaline is a 10-man raiding guild on Burning Blade that began raiding about a month ago. Since then, they've cleared out every 10-man raid except Ulduar (which they're quickly clearing). They're serious about keeping RL first, and are recruiting all classes and roles right now to fill up a second 10-man group.
  • Sardonic on Argent Dawn downed Sarth 3D and got the achievement on Freya as well. ToC is on farm, finishing in under an hour every week. Next up, they're doing Mimiron's hard mode.
  • Authority on Arthas downed Firefighter 10-man last week, so we're putting Algalon on notice for them. They're also recruiting a disc priest and a mage for the 25-man run as well.
  • Scrubbusters on EU Maelstrom downed Anub just last week, and are now working on the Tribute to Insanity. Good luck!
  • Face on Fire on Bloodscalp has been rocking since they were last seen here -- they've cleared both 10 and 25-man ToC, as well as 10-man ToGC, with 25-man on notice. They're seeking a few people to round out the roster, first and foremost a holy pally and a prot warrior. Check the site for more deets.
  • Faded on Zuluhed finally took down 25-man Twin Valks hard mode, and they've got Anub on notice with 25 attempts left on the week. 10-mans are doing well too -- they got a server first Algalon kill and earned some nice Rusted Protodrakes as well. Congrats!
  • Into Oblivion on Bronze Dragonflight-A has 8-manned Sarth +1, has 13/14 down in Ulduar 10, and has cleared out ToC on their very first night in the instance. Yoggy's on notice, and they're recruiting a few more healers to move up into 25-man raiding.
  • Carpe Jugulum Knights on EU Doomhammer has been wiping on Faction Champs for a while, but eventually beat them and then finished off the rest of ToC 10. They're headed for the heroic version now, and then aiming to do the rest of Ulduar 10 and the hard modes. Shout out to Muir as well, who just had a new arrival named Amber Sky. Congrats on the baby!
  • Legends of Poker, a late night raiding guild on Staghelm-A, killed Yogg-Saron on 25-man and is now getting ready to take on ToGC 25.
  • Wrathchild, a semi-casual Horde guild on Kargath, has finally cleared out 25-man ToC by one-shotting every single boss in there. They then went on to Ony 25 and took her out as well. Nice job! They're also recruiting, so hit up the website for an app.
  • Ascendance of Boulderfist is a two-day-a-week raiding guild that recently brought down Beasts and, after about a dozen pulls, Jaraxxus on heroic 25-. 10-man has been conquered with 49 tries still left, so they're working on the achievement soon.
  • The Sacre Coeur on The Scryers is looking to expand their ranks. They've waxed and waned "since the rocks of Azeroth were soft," whatever that means. 10-man Naxx is done and 10-man Ulduar, and they also run heroics, Old World instances, and achievements. If you want to join a mature group of people who are close knit and friendly, they're seeking all classes and roles.
  • Complex on Borean Tundra is a guild in a rebuilding phase -- they recently had a former GM and a few raiders leave the guild, but they're going to continue on, and maybe someday get back into multiple groups of 10-man raiders. They're seeking all classes, levels, and roles right now, and mature players at any experience level who eventually want to go raiding are welcome. RL comes first, but they do plan to raid, so if you want to help them lead with that, you're welcome to come on and help shape the guild. If it sounds interesting to you, go see their website.
  • Hey, maybe that idea that Machina on Rexxar had above isn't so singular -- Conscientia on Doomhammer-A is a 10-man raiding guild that's also running open raids on ToC 25 every Friday. They're recruiting people for their own 10-man team as well.
  • Unrated is an established raiding guild on Nagrand-H and is looking for raiders. Their main focus is 25-mans -- ToC and Ulduar are mostly cleared and they're looking to do ToGC and of course Icecrown when it comes out. They raid GMT+8 in the evenings, so if you're interested, join up!
  • Demons on EU Azjol-Nerub have found a nice balance of raiding and social activity and are seeking new members to bolster their 25-man raiding team. 25-man ToC is the current target, but they're also running 10- and 25-mans in the rest of the content as well, and sometimes do old raids for fun. They're particularly seeking mages, warlocks, hunters, and feral druids, but apps are welcome from any class.
  • I N S O M N I A on Shu'halo is a mature adult late night raiding guild that is friendly and has fun working together. Currently they are working on ToC 10 hard modes and ToC/Ulduar 25, as well as clearing out the other 10-mans and raiding the 25-mans when possible. They're recruiting experienced healers and DPS for their second 10-man team. Check out the raid rules and apply on the website.
  • X Raided (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) of Alexstrasza is recruiting a tree, an elemental shaman, kitty, hunter, mage, and a lock. They are currently working on Algalon and heroic Anub in 10-man and Heroic ToC on 25 man. Yoggy's on farm, too, putting them in the top 5 on the server and second Hordeside heading towards number one. If you're a serious raider who can meet their tough but rewarding schedule, seek them out.
  • Scrubs on Winterhoof-A is recruiting a few more players to fill out the 25-man raid roster. They're 12/14 in Ulduar and have cleared out ToC, and are seeking multiple priests, specifically healers, but will take any applicants that would be an asset to the guild.
  • Refugee on Gnomeregan is a group of like-minded gamers that work toward late game progression. They formed over two years ago and have steadily moved up in the ranks of raiding guilds on the server. They've got almost 300 characters on 100 accounts, and have bank tabs, vent, and a website with forums. Their members come from all walks of life, and they guarantee you will meet interesting people. They're seeking ranged DPS, tanks and healers either close to level 80 or level 80 to join them in the endgame, from Naxx 10 on up and even back to Old World content.
  • Knights Who Say Ni of Quel'Dorei is recruiting all levels of mature active players looking for 10-man content runs. They're casual and enjoy all aspects of Azeroth, including achievements, PvP, and endgame. Check out their recruitment video if you might be interested.
That's it for this week's GW. Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!
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