Reakktor Media financial woes resolved, full speed ahead for Black Prophecy

James Egan
J. Egan|11.06.09

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Reakktor Media financial woes resolved, full speed ahead for Black Prophecy

Those following the news surrounding development of sci-fi MMO Black Prophecy from Reakktor Media know there's been a significant hurdle to this title seeing the light of day -- the issue of insolvency. When parent company 10Tacle filed for insolvency, this adversely impacted subsidiary Reakktor Media and threatened continued development of Black Prophecy, which Reakktor addressed in an interview with Massively in April.

It was announced today that their restructuring plan has been successful, and that their insolvency plan saved the jobs of all 36 employees at the company. Even better, Black Prophecy is on track for a release next year, according to the press statement released by the HERMANN law firm which oversaw the insolvency proceedings.
The firm's Rainer M. Bähr was appointed insolvency administrator and permitted Reakktor's business operations to continue through the legal proceedings, so development on Black Prophecy wasn't halted. Their statement also credits Reakktor Media CEO Kirk Lenke for steering the company through difficult times and the Reakktor team for their efforts throughout the situation. From what we've gathered from the release and a brief follow-up with Reakktor, it seems the dark clouds which hung over the game and its development have cleared.

Congratulations to Reakktor from Massively, we're looking forward to seeing more of Black Prophecy in the coming months!%Gallery-46991%%Gallery-51088%
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