Navigon updates US iPhone navigation app, live traffic updates are a go

Ross Miller
R. Miller|11.10.09

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Navigon updates US iPhone navigation app, live traffic updates are a go
A little later than previously alluded to, but Navigon's finally rolling out live traffic update to its MobileNavigator iPhone app. Same prices as mentioned before, it'll regularly be $24.99, but for the next four weeks, it's only gonna ring up at $19.99 for lifetime use, no monthly fees. Not that TomTom needed anything else to think about, of course. Full presser after the break.

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The much anticipated U.S. version of the Traffic Live feature for the NAVIGON iPhone app, MobileNavigator, just became available in the U.S. App Store, as of today. Traffic Live utilizes real-time traffic information to calculate better routes that avoid congestion and get drivers to their destination faster. The feature launches with coverage for the U.S., with Canada soon to follow.

Besides enabling the in-app Traffic Live purchase, the new update also offers an additional extended destination search. This new function helps to find a destination even if the exact address is unknown. The destination pinpoint in the map view can now be moved and placed at any point on the map to navigate there. In addition, the app can now also be launched in landscape mode.

Feature integration of Traffic Live is seamless and the functionality is simple to use. Traffic information is automatically included when calculating a route.
  • Users receive immediate on-screen alerts via iconic warnings indicating accidents, construction and other incidents that can cause congestion along the current route.
  • Provides detailed information regarding the severity of the incident and the speed of traffic flow.
  • Based on the real-time traffic warnings and the excellent mapping functionality the user can determine an efficient, alternative route or stay on the course.
  • The software automatically adjusts estimated time of arrival.
Traffic Live utilizes crowdsourced real-time speed data from over 1.3 million drivers including other NAVIGON app users (who opt. in to participate), commercial fleets such as trucks and taxis, as well as regular drivers with a GPS system. So if for example several vehicles on a road report slow speed, the system recognizes congestion and provides an alternate and faster route.

The feature also uses an intelligent fusion of information from traffic cameras, road sensors and conventional traffic messages coming through ClearChannel's Total Traffic Network.

NAVIGON Traffic Live is available as an In App Purchase for $24.99. Users can add the service directly within the MobileNavigator app. For the next four weeks, it will be available for an introductory price of $19.99. After the one-time purchase, users have the service available with no month-to-month service fees[i].

[1] When using NAVIGON Traffic Live without a data package for the iPhone, additional costs for the data transfer can occur
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