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Ricoh GXR now official, generates sample images and early impressions

That Ricoh GXR camera system we saw yesterday has today become official, and dpreview have gotten on the case to provide an early preview and a set of sample images taken with the shooter. The novelty to this new setup is in the so-called lens units, which contain both a lens and an appropriately matched sensor inside a sealed casing. This precludes dust from getting in where it doesn't belong and provides a tailored pairing of optics and electronics. The body, in spite of not doing much -- zoom motors plus aperture and shutter mechanisms are all handled within the lens unit -- is built out of a magnesium alloy, and its major attraction will be a good control scheme allied to excellent ergonomics, according to dpreview. What you're getting then, is a competitor to Micro Four Thirds that's smaller in size, but larger in price. Sounds about right.

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