Parrot debuts Android-based Grande Specchio photo frame

We've heard promises of an Android-based photo frame as far back as May of this year, but it looks like the folks at Parrot are now finally set to deliver with their new Grande Specchio designer frame. As you might be able to surmise from words like "grande" and "designer," however, this one doesn't come cheap (a hefty $650), but you do of course get quite a bit for all that extra cash. That includes a large 10.4-inch touchscreen that doubles as a mirror (on purpose), WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, a USB port and SD card slot for expansion and, of course, Android hiding under Parrot's custom interface. Unfortunately, it's not clear if you can actually use the frame as full-blown Android device, but you do at least have easy access to a web browser, and Parrot is even promising to develop some apps specifically for the frame -- though it curiously says they'll likely be limited since there is "no easy way to get them installed on the hardware." Look for more details when Parrot officially launches this one on November 17th.