Sanyo releases new, Motion Plus-approved, contact-free Eneloop Wiimote charger

If you ran out last year and bought one of Sanyo's Eneloop Wiimote chargers, the first to be officially approved by Nintendo and to allow charging whilst that ludicrously thick rubber cover was still in place, you were probably a bit bummed when it was obsoleted by the Motion Plus. Sanyo has a fix: you can now run out and buy a new charger! Yes, you too can help fuel the economy by tossing a perfectly functional yet now useless accessory into the trash and replacing it with something that does exactly the same thing with a little extra room at the bottom. Like before it's USB-powered and charges via induction, so no contacts are required, though there are now cavities for two Wiimotes rather than just one. No mention of a US release, but it'll be hitting Japan sometime next month for ¥7,400 -- about $80.