Rumor: Interplay's Fallout MMO in-game screenshots leaked by ... Interplay

With original Fallout IP holder Interplay currently embroiled in a legal battle with new Fallout IP holder Bethesda Softworks, it's no surprise that the most recently "leaked" images from Interplay's Project V13 are said to be from an "anonymous, but reliable" source. The Vault Wiki even goes as far as to claim that the images are directly from Interplay, saying "These screenshots were actually submitted by Interplay as court evidence to show that the game is in full production already."

Putting on our super sleuth detective caps, a Nuka-Cola billboard and the inclusion of a supermutant in these screens certainly confirms they are from some form of Fallout game. Big Download points out that these screens look awfully similar to concept art released by Interplay not too long ago. Without any solid confirmation from Interplay as to the origin of these screens though, we're gonna have to keep it filed strictly under the "rumor" category for now.
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