Super Street Fighter IV Team Battles and Endless modes detailed

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Capcom recently fired off a fact sheet in our direction for Super Street Fighter IV and while most of it talks about the stuff we already knew -- additional fighters, online lobbies, car punching -- it did inform us of two new online modes for the expansion to this year's excellent brawler and hook us up with some screens of the updated lobby system.

Teams of two, three and four will be able to see who's the best Hadoukener around in the new Team Battles mode, which is a "round-robin elimination" mode where "one man stays until beaten, next team member rotates in," Capcom's Chris Kramer told Joystiq. So players will be able to either control a team themselves or assign slots to other players in the room. Just don't go expecting any tagging in and out -- that only happens in other Capcom games.

The other new mode is Endless mode, a one-on-one elimination mode where two players duke it out and the winner stays in the hot seat and fights the next individual queued up. If you've had any experience with DOA 4, then Endless mode is kinda like that game ... sans the ability to be a chicken in a sombrero running around a martial arts dojo.

Capcom was also kind enough to include some new videos, strictly for training purposes. You can check out newcomer Juri fight T. Hawk above and, if you want some MAXIMUM gameplay footage, head past the break to see her fight Deejay.
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