Toshiba 'Space Chair' ad redefines armchair viewing (video)

There's something wrong when an advertisement is more memorable than the product. Nevertheless, here we have Toshiba's Space Chair ad campaign promoting its new 2010 REGZA SV LCD TV series, Toshiba's first with LED backlight and local dimming. The campaign will later expand to include a second take featuring the Satellite T Series of 11-hour CULV laptops set for introduction in 2010. The ad follows the journey of "an ordinary living room chair" to the edge of space before falling back to Earth where the ground crew relied upon a GPS beacon to locate the craft. A few facts about the shoot:

  • A helium balloon lifted the chair and Toshiba's own IK-HR1S ultra-compact 1080i camera to a height of 98,268 feet above terra firma

  • FAA regulations required that the weight of the rig had to be less than four pounds

  • The chair is made of biodegradable balsa wood at a cost of about £2,500

  • The rig was launched in Nevada's Burning Man Black Rock desert

  • The temperature dropped to minus 90 degrees at 52,037 feet

  • The chair took 83 minutes to reach an altitude of 98,268 feet and just 24 minutes to fall back to earth

Truly amazing stuff. Now buckle up and click through for the show.