Bowers & Wilkins somehow makes PC speakers interesting with MM-1

Darren Murph
D. Murph|11.17.09

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Bowers & Wilkins somehow makes PC speakers interesting with MM-1
Outside of factory keyboards, there's hardly anything more boring than a set of PC speakers. They're typically unsightly, add to the rat's nest of wires behind your rig and force you into a life of dependency. And then there's Bowers & Wilkins, a company that excels at pumping out products with lust-worthy designs. Somehow or another, the outfit responsible for the dirigible-inspired iPod sound system has produced a set of standard computer speakers that are actually rather inspiring, as the Zeppelin MM-1 touts no extra subwoofer, a simple USB connection and an inbuilt headphone socket. There's nary a mention of price (trust us, it'll be up there), but we should hear more when they ship in January.

Update: We're hearing that these could cost $499 for the pair. Yikes.
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