Bowers & Wilkins cranks out iPod-lovin' Zeppelin speaker

It being August and all, we can't help but notice the keen similarities between B&W's Zeppelin iPod speaker and an old fashioned pigskin, but this two-foot long behemoth most certainly wouldn't do well traversing through the air. Joining the growing array of high-end iPod speaker station manufacturers is Bowers & Wilkins, whose interestingly shaped device screams sexy from end to end. Internally, it boasts a five-inch woofer, glass-fiber cones, tweeters, a 100-watt amplifier, and video out for piping images to your display. Regrettably, we've no idea when exactly this thing will be available for purchase, but considering that it'll set you back $599, we'd probably want a listen anyway before parting ways with that much dough.

[Via TechDigest]