Stantum's unlimited multitouch meets Mini 10 in a fight to the death (update: now with WiFi, Bluetooth)

Updated ·1 min read

The last time we saw Stantum, it was blowin' minds with its PMatrix technology -- and here we are, a mere ten months later, and the company's back with its proof-of-concept Slate PC. Based on the Dell Mini 10 platform, this bad boy features a 10.1-inch "unlimited" touchscreen and new, compact case. In order to save space, the company did away with not only the keyboard and trackpad, but the webcam, WiFi, Bluetooth, and one of the USB ports (bringing the total down to two) as well -- which just might limit the appeal for resellers. You never know. Feel like diving in? Hit the read source link to contact the company, and tell 'em Engadget sent you.

[Thanks, Adam]

Update: We just received an email from the company telling us that revision 2 of the Slate PC (available now!) includes your beloved WiFi and Bluetooth. Hit that source link for further details.