Mystery VGA teaser revealed as Spec Ops

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Mystery VGA teaser revealed as Spec Ops
It appears as though yesterday's mystery teaser for the upcoming Spike TV Video Game Awards, featuring a CGI scene of a war in Dubai, is actually not the newest teaser in the world. Revealed back in August, the clip is said to be from upcoming 2K Games franchise reboot Spec Ops.

Originally, the title was claimed by EGM rumor mill "Quartermann" to be in development in the shuttered magazine's July 2008 issue. 1UP claims the title to be confirmed by the 90-second teaser trailer that we've dropped after the break. We'd suggest checking it out simply for the fact that it contains more footage than the teaser from yesterday, but the fact that Björk is involved makes us all the more inclined to recommend a viewing. For those of you thirsting for more, your next chance to see the game will be at 2009's world exclusive-filled VGAs. We've contacted 2K Games for comment and will update this post if we hear more.

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