Next Tron game teased, debuting at VGAs

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Next Tron game teased, debuting at VGAs

Joining games the likes of Halo: Reach and 2K's new Spec Ops debuting at this year's Spike Video Game Awards is a new installment in the Tron franchise. It's not the first time we've heard of the game -- it was rumored to be in development back in January of this year. Still, its existence is confirmed by an all-too-brief teaser at GameTrailers, which promises a proper unveiling at Spike's awards show on Saturday, December 12.

Based on the teaser, the game may simply be titled Tron -- although the logo and art style found in the footage are very similar to that of the upcoming movie sequel, Tron: Legacy. We'll find out exactly what to expect on the Game Grid in just a little over two weeks' time. For now, check out the teaser after the break.

[Via That Videogame Blog]

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