Guildwatch: Analyzing the situation

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|11.25.09

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Guildwatch: Analyzing the situation
If there's one thing you can take away from this week's GW downings, it's that most guilds are ready for Icecrown. We're seeing lots and lots of guilds finishing off the Trial of the Crusader, and quite a few of them are even starting to nab the Tribute achievements. For endgame raiders, Icecrown can't show up too soon.

Fortunately, while you wait, there's lots of guilds looking for more and drama to read through as well. You can click the link below to read this week's Guildwatch, and don't forget to send us your tips: drama, downed or recruiting, we want to hear it all at Enjoy!

  • Our good wishes go out to Garou, the GM of Wolfpack on Blackwing Lair -- we hear he's a reader who apparently got seriously hurt recently, and so we definitely wish him a speedy recovery and return, along with everybody else in his guild. Sorry to hear you're going through some troubles, but here's hoping you'll be back on your feet and back in Azeroth soon.
  • Short Bus, a Horde guild on Gorefiend, reportedly broke up the other day after the guild leader decided he no longer wanted to raid, but wanted to keep the guild name. Our tipster says he kicked everyone else out except for his alt. Fortunately, the guild survives -- the other members have reformed as the guild Terminal.
  • Team Galactic on Nagrand apparently threw a fit in the progression thread on that realm when they got dropped out of first place and started being listed as second place. They wanted their name off the list -- our tipster guesses that it was because they didn't want to admit someone else had done better. But no one answered their call to be removed from the page, so they went through, we hear, five pages of drama. Unfortunately, that thread is gone, because someone opened up a thread in the customer service section of the forums, trying to get Blue attention about "forum harassment." The folks there couldn't do anything (apparently they can't edit other forums), but someone eventually did, because the whole progression thread is now gone. What a mess -- who cares where you're listed on a realm progression thread?
  • Lunacy on Proudmoore recently called it quits, and they posted this way TLDR entry over on their site about the guild's history and what happened. "Touching," says our tipster, and I guess -- maybe if you're part of the guild it is. But drama is defined as "taking something that's not serious too seriously," and that post is pretty much exactly that. The guild ended, nobody died. Sheesh.
  • Their guildies send a shout-out Pinetree and Caresse of Kings Army on Blackhand-A. They got married in real life just recently. Congrats!
  • Our tipster sends a warning about his former guild, Azeroth Crusaders on Kael'thas-H. He admits that he's always had a problem with some of the officers who "thought they knew all classes better than players who actually played them," but things came to a head when people started blaming some Northrend Beasts wipes on warlocks underperforming. He /gquit, but here's the issue: apparently the GM of AC decided to send an in-game email to the GM of our tipster's new guild, trashing him and trying to get him kicked out of the new one. Not that cool -- apparently our guildie was unfazed, especially since some of his new guildies know him in real life. But he wants to know if this is normal behavior for a progression guild running 25-mans. I have to say that I doubt it -- most guilds I know will (and should) just leave anyone who /gquits alone, regardless of the circumstances.
  • R O N I N on EU Ragnaros turned four years old on the 14th of November. Grats! They celebrated, we hear, with events like a treasure hunt, a race, a guild-related art contest, and even a costume contest. Sounds like fun.
  • Pantheon of Korgath had a shake-up this week, we hear -- after beating their heads up against Anub 25 in heroic for the past six weeks, the officers took a break last week to "analyze the situation." And they analyzed the guild's officer and main tank right out of the raid, we're told. Hopefully they'll find a replacement (or make nice) and down the bosses before Icecrown.
  • Finally, here's some nice quality relationship drama. Equilibrium was supposedly one of the top three guilds on Jaedenar, with Hyperion leading the guild along with his girlfriend and co-GM Atomicfelony. Watershed was an officer of the guil, and we say "was" because Watershed apparently flew from California cross-country to Florida to meet up with Atomic in real life. Hyperion was reportedly "devastated," /gkicked the guild, and quit the game (here's his goodbye thread). A few folks have apparently restarted the guild, while others have moved on to other raiding guilds (with a good number of them starting up their own, Coalesce. The wackiest part? Apparently Jaedenar has its own rapper/historian named Midai, and he's immortalized this whole story in a very NSFW rap song that's posted over on YouTube. People don't really get it, but it's the same old story: boy meets girl, they start a guild, girl meets boy, boy breaks up guild, forumgoer raps about boys and girl. You know, that old tale.
  • Fallen Nightmare on Baelgun downed the Northrend Beasts in ToC 10. Grats!
  • Finality on Gnomeregan finished off Yogg-Sarron and 10-man ToC, and are heading back in as soon as they can to clear out all of the hard modes. Good luck to you.
  • Ordo Veritas (server) nabbed their first Heroic Anub'arak kill just recently, and then just a week later they picked up the Tribute to Mad Skill. Insanity is next (the Tribute, we presume, not the mental condition).
  • Dirty Little Secret of Nazgrel is a casual guild that does 10-man content. Ulduar has been cleared out, sans Algalon, and Ony and VoA are done as well. Hard modes are up next, in Ulduar and ToC.
  • Malicious of The Venture Company has has downed the first four bosses of 25-man Trial of the Grand Crusader, and have begun attempts on Anub'Arak. Grab your sword, they say, and fight the Horde!
  • Forgotten Souls on Stormreaver is a mainly 25-man guild still working towards the first encounter in 25-man ToC. But they're doing great in 10-man -- they picked up the Tribute to Mad Skill just recently. Congrats!
  • Vision on the Nazgrel-A server has done some remarkable things lately -- they one-shot Beasts, dropped Jaraxxus after that, brought the Faction Champions down, and plucked the Chicks' features. Three progression kills down, and Anub is up next.
  • Screams of the Past on Draka-A is a classic raiding guild that's cleared all classic content, just recently dropping C'thun with level 60 characters in classic gear with classic enchants. They had 37 in the raid to drop the Old God. Grats!
  • Dragon Riders of Krynn (server?) finished off Anub in 25-man ToC in just three attempts on the night (though they do admit "thousands of gold" in repairs over the last few weeks). They're also recruiting: ranged DPS, but no more 'locks, and they could always use more heals and tanks.
  • Clan MacLeod on Norgannon-A spent a Saturday afternoon last week picking up The Dedicated Few in Naxxramas. Way to go.
  • Hex on EU Nagrand-H, a strictly 10-man raiding guild, downed Algalon for what we're told is a Hordeside first. Grats!
  • Plaguechill on Khadgar picked up the realm first of Alone in the Darkness by killing Yogg with no Keepers. Grats!
  • War Machine on Turalyon has cleared a "current content" hard mode boss for the first time in guild history. They're a casual raiding guild that finally took down 25-man Northrend Beasts the other week. Grats!
  • Ethos of Kargath (that's their screenie above) finished off both Anub 25-man and Yogg sans Keepers all in one week to pick up the realm first of Death's Demise. They'll even have some vids of the fights on their website shortly, if they're not there already.
  • Acme of EU Tyrande says they're a small Spanish-speaking guild on a largely Spanish server who does 10-man content. They have so far finished off Yogg Saron, regular ToC and the Beasts in Heroic mode. With video or it didn't happen.
  • Invìctus is a guild from Laughing Skull that just started up last week, and already they've finished everything but Anub in ToC. Anub is on notice, and they have their eyes on the Heroic version as well.
  • In the name of Beatrix on EU Bronzebeard has downed Anub'arak, and fully cleared ToC 10 normal. Grats!
  • Sound of Inevitability on Greymane has been progressing, taking down 10-man Koralyon, Ignis, and ToC 10 through Icehowl, all in just the past two weeks. They plan on finishing up ToC and then next up will be Onyxia.
  • Dream Team on Blade's Edge is recruiting to work on Ulduar hard modes and beyond. They raid three nights a week later in the evening, and need one of almost every class. If you're looking to have fun and are friendly, mature and respectful, they'll welcome you.
  • Dark Intentions of Eitrigg-A is recruiting raiders that have surpassed normal mode raids and have the gear and skill to push on to hard modes! They're a fresh guild whose first phase of recruitment just ended, but will always consider talented applicants of all classes. Transfers are welcome as well.
  • Shattered Dreams on Caelestrasz (which is an oceanic server) has cleared out all normal 25-man content and are working on Heroic and hard modes. They're seeking exceptional players in any class or role.
  • Be Your True Mind of Skywall-H is looking for DPS and healers for a few 10-man raids. They're making a push into ToGC and need to fill a recent gap in the roster. They'd especially love a resto druid or shaman. They only raid two nights a week, but as a guild, they're still committed to progression.
  • Veritas Aequitas is an Alliance raiding guild on the European server of Kul tiras. They are currently looking for more active mature players for raiding ToC 10, and maybe some 25-man raids when they have enough members. All of ToC and most of Ulduar has been downed so far, and all classes and specs are welcome. Go say hi at their new forum if interested in joining.
  • Swords of the Mourning on Emerald Dream is looking for more members to join their ranks for some casual, friendly, and mature raiding. They're planning on starting up in 10-man very soon (if not already) with a light schedule. But they also like running BGs, old world instances, holding dance parties, and leveling both mains and alts. If you want a friendly, family-oriented guild, they're the one for you.
  • dies screaming (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) on Kael'thas is a fairly new guild (they formed over the summer) that's looking to expand the ranks with raiders, casual players, PvPers, and other folks interested in joining the game They currently have 10 and 25-man raids going four times a week, with lowbie runs on Thursdays. Sounds like they're busy -- if you want to join them, look up the website.
  • The Shipwrecked Souls on Thrall, led by a scurvy tree/bear overlord Xaulzan (and his handsome and dashing first mate Snaga), is recruiting more members focusing on 10-mans. They do Naxx and OS on a weekly basis, with Ulduar and Onyxia added to the schedule soon if not already. They're a good group of guildies who help each other out and do not tolerate guild drama.
  • Ironic Guild Name (which was a contender for Best Guild Name this week, though didn't make it -- maybe next time) on Kalecgos-H is recruiting late night raiders for their casual guild heading into more progressive content. They raid twice a week late nights, and need dedicated healers and ranged DPS.
  • Ascent on Arathor-A is recruiting ranged DPS and some healer classes for progression into Trial of the Grand Crusader and beyond. They raid 25-mans three nights a week, with optional 10-man runs on the other nights. They're seeking players that are not only good at the game but also fun to raid with. If this sounds like you, don't hesitate to submit an application on the website.
That's it for this week's GW. Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!
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