Toshiba Natural Selection laptops get celebrity paintjobs, good causes

Alright, we're not too happy with the Natural Selection moniker implying that being a celebrity is somehow a marker of evolutionary prowess, but we'll forgive Toshiba this one time. The Japanese company has recruited a quartet of famous folks to help promote its wares with limited edition laptops painted to their specifications. Aerosmith guitar legend Joe Perry, the no less mythical Rainn Wilson, Pittsburgh Steeler Hines Ward and his coach Mike... oh wait, that's Omar Epps, have put their own personal stamps on a selection of Toshiba's latest 505 laptop models from the A, P, M, and Qosmio X series. These will be auctioned off on eBay starting this Friday, with all proceeds going to charity. Any more questions before you start the bidding? No? Good.