Apple tablet to be surprisingly cheap?

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Chris Rawson
December 2nd, 2009
Apple tablet to be surprisingly cheap?
During the latest episode of Diggnation, Digg's Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht interviewed John Hodgman, AKA the "PC" from Apple's "Get a Mac" ad campaign. Rose prodded Hodgman for information on Apple's supposedly forthcoming tablet Mac, but Hodgman claimed to have no inside information on the product.

Diggnation co-host Albrecht, however, claimed to know how much the tablet will cost, saying, "I was shocked at how cheap the price point is going to be." He didn't provide any information beyond that.

Price estimates for the Apple tablet have been all over the place, from US$500 on up to US$2,000. Considering no one outside of Apple (and possibly a few privileged people with inside information) even knows if the tablet exists for certain, much less what its features or capabilities are, nailing down a specific price for the fabled product seems as futile as predicting 2010 Olympic gold medal winners.

Personally, I hope Albrecht is right and the tablet Mac does turn out to be surprisingly inexpensive, because I can't see it selling well if Apple prices it as high as or higher than a full-featured, traditional portable like the MacBook.

[Via AppleInsider]
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