Canon patent application points to touchscreen DSLRs

Touchscreens are still something of a novelty on regular point-and-shoot cameras, but it looks like they may now already be starting to make their trek to DSLRs -- at least if a recently published patent application from Canon is any indication. Of course, a "touchscreen for a DSLR" is a bit tricky to patent on its own, so Canon is taking a slightly more unique approach: attempting to patent a touchscreen that prevents you from accidentally touching things when you hold the camera up to your face. That includes letting you register your dominant eye when you set up the camera, which will in turn automatically disable the portion of the screen more likely to be touched when you go to take a shot using the viewfinder. The patent application also covers what could be controlled using the touchscreen, including settings like the focus detection area, flash adjustment, ISO, white balance, and exposure correction, to name a few -- all of which will surely be welcome to some, but we just hope the touchscreens will be accompanied by at least a few buttons and knobs for us old curmudgeons.