Data East Arcade Classics drops in Feb. 2010 for $20, new trailer

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Majesco has released the first trailer for its upcoming Data East Arcade Classics collection. You might not remember the names of all the games in the video, but children of the 80s are likely to recognize at least a handful of them. One or two of them might even prompt shouts of "Hey! I remember ... that game! With the guys, and the explosions."

The good news is you won't have to wait too long to figure it out, as Majesco has announced that Data East Arcade Classics will release in February 2010. Even better news, it will only cost twenty bucks. Yeah, $20 for Bad Dudes, Burger Time and Magical Drop III. As if that weren't enough, the game also ties your high scores to your Mii and features unlockable bonus material.

The best news of all, the pizza joint down the street isn't getting any more of our hard-earned quarters ever again.

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