HP lets iPAQ Glisten out of the box

The AT&T-bound iPAQ Glisten from HP has been unboxed for our viewing pleasure, video of which can be found immediately after the break. If you're not in such a hurry though, you'll want to know it's an AMOLED-fronted, Qualcomm-powered (533MHz) WinMo 6.5 device, which brings the BlackBerry form factor sans the RIM user experience, but plus a touchscreen. Another thing to note is that AT&T's online store will be the only place to get it, at the already announced $179.99 after rebates on a two-year deal. The video does a good job of comparing HP's return to the mobile space with a pair of similar devices, and we're left with the impression that it's a pretty chunky machine, but as usual we recommend seeing it for yourself -- and you already know where to find it.

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